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About us

Welcome to the Universe of INGENIO´S

Tânia and Filipe Correia, a psychologist passionate about architecture, he was a civil engineer, grew up in the bosom of a family that had always been linked to the construction area. From the grandfather contractor, they inherited the gleam in the eyes before a constructed work. From the father, a civil engineer, they inherited the taste for the projects that soon passed from the paper to the real plan.
And it was precisely in the project office, initially created by their father, that they gave shape to the dream that would give rise to Ingenio´s: a project that was able to bring together in a single company architectural, engineering, construction management, among many others.
Ingenio´s comes from a Spanish word ´Ingenio´, which means ´to take a project and accompany it to the end.´ And that´s what the Tânia and Filipe brothers do. They realize dreams, ideas and projects, with the support of a team of professionals from the areas of architecture, engineering, construction, among others, who work with them daily for a single result: customer satisfaction.
In addition to the experience of both, the need to add several services in a single company has been added and, with this, to achieve an even more personalized follow-up, saving time and extra unnecessary investment, allowing the customer to handle everything in one place.
At Ingenio´s you can buy, sell or exchange your property, but you can also build or remodel your dwelling, modular dwelling, apartment, or your commercial space, with professionals who accompany you from the initial project, through the coordination and supervision of the work , without forgetting bureaucratic situations like licensing, evaluations and bank credits. But these are just a few examples of the wide range of services you can find here.
With an intervention area in the districts of Braga and Porto, Ingenio´s also accompanies clients who are abroad and intend to build, buy or lease in the national territory.
A unique service, in a single space, which in addition to intervening in physical spaces, also builds dreams and life stories!


• Preliminary Studies
• Projects and Licensing
• Execution Projects
• Urban Planning Projects
• Allotment Projects
• Landscape Projects
• Three-dimensional views (3D)
• Models
• Topography:
   Topographical Surveys
• Infrastructure Projects:
   Water Supply Projects
   Wastewater Projects
   Stormwater Drainage Projects
   Gas Distribution Projects
   Telecommunications Projects
   Electric projects
• Stability Projects
• Acoustic Projects and Studies
• Thermal Projects
• Ventilation Projects
• Fire Safety Projects
• Projects and Armed Concrete
• Projects of WWTP
• Air Conditioning Projects
• Central Heating Projects
• Home Automation
Construction Management:
• Construction Coordination
• Technical Direction of Work
• Construction Inspection
• Safety, Work Hygiene
• Construction Budgets
• Architecture and Interior Design
• Real Estate Restorations
• Real Estate Improvements
• Real Estate Construction
• Real Estate Repairs
• Real Estate Appraisals
• Real Estate Buying
• Properties sell
• Real Estate Rental
• Bank Credits for Individuals
• Bank Loans for Companies
• Bank Deposits
• Energetic certification
• Modular Homes